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How We Do It

Our desire is to develop a long-lasting partnership with our clients. At the core of that is the opportunity to initiate the kind of communication where each of us learns about the other. That initial investment of our mutual time is about first impressions, your discovering who we are as we discover who you are and where you are on your financial life journey. Some of our conversation is to see if a working relationship would be a good fit and then, in establishing a rapport on which building a relationship can follow.

From there, our process is to determine your financial concerns, goals, and objectives. By providing us with preliminary information, we would conduct a review of your current investments. In gathering other information and paperwork, and with your assistance, we would then identify your short, immediate, and long-range goals. A brief quiet time for you will be likely as we evaluate your particular situation and we begin to analyze your information. We would then begin to tailor a comprehensive strategy for preserving and growing your wealth. We may need to contact you with questions to clarify information we discussed, or we need additional follow-up data.

Next, we will schedule a meeting with you. This meeting may be to gather additional information that we identified as missing or incomplete and require further analyzation before constructing a financial roadmap, or it will be to give you a clearer idea of where you are on your goals in which we can present our recommendations to you.

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