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We know that risk is an inherent and natural part of our everyday lives. That's why we use seat belts when traveling. We insure our houses, our lives, and our cars from unforeseen events. We practice preventative health care to ensure we keep ourselves healthy as long as we can. We are actually practicing "Risk Management Strategies" in the daily routines that are so important to use.

Doesn't it make sense to practice the same "Risk Management Strategies" with the investments that we have worked so hard to accumulate? We, at Myers Investment Group, think so.

Traditional "buy-hold" relative return strategies rely on the direction of the market. They enjoy gains when they occur, suffer losses when the market declines, and require a long time horizon that investors may not have.

Skill based tactical strategies seek gains regardless of market direction using investment manager skill in sector rotation, hedging strategies, and risk management.

We feel that long-term financial results are a direct function of how well you effectively manage your investment risks. We specialize in designing "Risk Management Strategies" customized to help you and your family implement and, more importantly, sustain a long-term investment strategy to help you work toward meeting your goals.

Since investment risks are typically rewarded much better in some market climates than in others, our "Risk Management Strategies" is a dynamic process that adapts to different market climates.

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